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Mostly they will stay here for 3 month. In the first 2 weeks they can rest, have a little holiday.

They have to make decisions for their future. Then we make the program for the 3 month, with learning skills, social skills and evidences for a having a responsible life.

There is a day rhythm. Having good food, playing sports and having rest is the base of feeling good. We take care for that, like in a family house.

We eat together, clean up together and have fun!


When they know what kind of work they want to do we can look after education about it. They can learn for the theory exam of driving a car. May be they want to learn for a cook, or a gardener, or construction worker or security worker.

When they don´t know what to do, they can try several things and choose later.

All work is voluntary.


The stay and activities will be paid by the government in Holland. They pay for the care the boys and girls need. They do this cause they think and hope that this activities are important for the participants so they can make good choices and have a better life.

stay work and finance

A project of living, learning and working for younger people, who need some extra care for having a positive life

Problems and Goals

In the moment there are a lot of young people in Holland who are not able to have a good life. The reasons can be, that they:

The aim is to help them to get a better life.

We do it abroad so they can only think about themselves, and are not involved by the problems at home.

We take care for that they

They will have

We have several rules:

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